Coleman Alexander Young, II is a 34-year-old man of outstanding character and leadership. He genuinely cares for and considers it an honor and a privilege to serve the citizens of Detroit, MI. He looks forward to continuing to serve as the Mayor of Detroit.

As a current resident of Detroit, MI, he believes God’s hand is upon his life to carry on the great legacy of his father, the Honorable Mayor Coleman A. Young, (deceased), the 20-year former mayor of Detroit (1973-1993.)

Coleman Alexander Young, II served as the elected Democratic State Representative for the 4th District for two terms prior to becoming an elected member of the Michigan Senate representing Detroit, MI since 2011. He believes his success resulted from personally knocking on 100 doors each day and meeting people all over the district and sharing his plan for a better life in Detroit.

Coleman Alexander Young, II has introduced legislation that is pertinent to his constituents and has passed six laws since he has been elected; including landmark civil rights legislation that gave paid maternity leave to pregnant police officers and firefighters. He brought thousands of jobs to the Detroit region with his law for tax credits for the movie industry. He has helped small business with amendments to the Michigan Business Tax and savings for businesses in alternative energy. He decreased blight with a law that required notice before ticketing residents and provided a separate interest bearing account for economic growth funds.

Coleman Alexander Young, II began a pilot program that paid 3rd grade children to read books and write book reports. Some children read as many as 45 books and wrote 29 book reports in one month. He has had several programs that give back to the community and help to uplift the people that are residing in our community.

Senator Young has stated on more than one occasion, “I love Detroit and I want to give back to the citizens who gave so much to my dad. I know that ‘I can do all things through Christ, which strengthens me.’” Philippians 4:13

Here are the Birth certificate and Baptismal records showing that Coleman Young Jr. Was always Coleman’s name from birth.